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    Womens Abortion Clinic for safe abortion options & womens health services for women

  • Womens Abortion Clinic

    We provide both medical abortions using abortions pills & surgical abortions

  • Womens Abortion Clinic

    We also perform womb cleaning, late tremester abortions & early pregnancy termination

  • Womens Abortion Clinic

    Safe & legal abortions at the Womens Abortion Clinic by qualified & experienced nurses

  • Womens Abortion Clinic

    Pregnancy termination services to women all over South Africa

Types of abortion methods


Types of abortion methods include medical abortions using abortion pills & surgical abortions.

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The type of abortion procedure that is available to you depends on how many weeks pregnant you are

Medical abortion involves talking abortions pills to end or induce termination of the pregnancy.

Surgical abortion involves a minor operation that may be done while you are awake, sedated or asleep