Womens Clinic

Womens Abortions Clinic for abortion Pills. We deliver safe abortion pills in Pretoria & Johannesburg

Quick 1 day abortion with abortion pills with 50% discount for students. Fast acting safe abortion clinic

The womens clinic will help you deal with an unplanned pregnancy in a safe & quick way

Order abortion pills at the Womens Abortions Clinic. Visit either our Pretoria or Johannesburh office for help

Call 000 000 000 or email for abortion pills Today including womb cleaning

Deciding to have an abortion


Abortion is every womens right, we are here to give you safe & legal meas to have an abortion at the Womens Clinic

Visit our clinic in Pretoria or Johannesburg for professional help with how to have an abortion

Are abortion pills legal


Abortions have been legal since 1973 in the USA & 2001 in South Africa

The UN encourages safe & legal abortions at registered abortions clinic like ours

How effective is the abortion pill?


Abortion pills are 98% effective with millions of women having successful abortions every year

Th Womens Clinic has experienced nurses to guide you through your abortion

How abortions pills work


An abortion pill blocks pregnancy hormones & softens the uterus lining

The abortion pills also cause the uterus to contract and terminate the pregnancy

What can I expect during my abortion?


The womens clinic is here to support your decision to have an abortion

Abortion is similar to menstrual cramping & takes 10-30 minutes

The abortion pills


RU 486, the "Abortion Pill" ends pregnancy without surgery using Mifeprex &